Thursday, September 13, 2012

Daily Spelling Review Notebook

I decided to repost this as it didn't have a tidy little category previously for which to find it and I set up a spelling review notebook today for my daughter (printer is on the blink, so had to do by hand) so it reminded me of this post. (previously posted in Jan 2012)

Well, riding on the idea of the memory verse card system that I mentioned on TJ Islamic Studies, I did some brainstorming and adapted this idea for spelling review, but instead of cards, for misspelled spelling words!

The idea is the same, you have  daily, odd or even, weekly, and monthly lists. A word starts on the daily list, once it is mastered, it is crossed off that list and added to an odd or even list, once its mastered there, crossed off and moved....................

My system of "mastered" is as follows (for the Quraan verses as well as spelling and any other thing I adapt it to---next is math facts, in shaa Allah ;)

Daily - I make a plus each day the word is correctly spelled during review, with 5 +s it is moved to the Odd or Even List.

Odd/Even - After 3 +'s its history here and moved to one of the Sun-Sat lists

Weekly (Sat - Sun) After receiving 4+s the word is moved to monthly

Monthly, it is kept on monthly for as long as needed.

Before this, we used a Misspelled Words list, and I would try to come up with some system for how long we should review, but just never nailed it. This system was just the answer, in shaa Allah.

When I printed it out, the kids loved it and so far it is much easier to review spelling on a daily basis.

TJ's Spelling Review Notebook
The book size is 5.5 x 8 inches. I have a few instructions in the PDF to explain how I printed out and assembled the book.

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